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Do you like to blog about sports as a hobby? Looking to build up your resume or your own website? Then write articles with us here at Press Box Sports!

Why Write Articles on Press Box Sports?

The goal with allowing others to contribute their articles is to create a platform to be seen and entertain readers. There’s not many rules involved either. Keep it clean, sports related, and spam free. That’s it! No experience is necessary. Whether you want to cover a certain sport, team, or just talk about certain issues, we have you covered. Another reason to write with us is because of our self promotion. Whether it’s your article or ours, we’ll promote it on all of our social media profiles. It’s a win-win situation for both of us! You have the freedom to talk about anything sports related in football, baseball, basketball, hockey, or racing.  Wanna talk about the New York Yankees? Fine! Wanna talk about the future of Nascar? Great! Wanna talk about the South Central Louisiana State Mud Dogs? Perfect! You have the freedom to publish whatever you want to talk about. Sports card hobby posts are also welcomed.

Guest Posts/Bloggers:

If you are a blogger, then I respect you. I understand the high amount of hours and hard work you put into your blog. It can be hard at times to build up your reader base and I want to work with you. That’s why guest posts are allowed here at Press Box Sports. I want to work with fellow sports bloggers and that’s why I hope to make it easy and beneficial for fellow bloggers to want to contribute. First, you are allowed to provide a back link to your website and can even add a link to your website in the author bio link. We also allow any back links to relevant posts on your site with a maximum of three links. I’m would also like to guest post on other blogs along the same guidelines set for this site. If you are interested, please fill out the form below and we can discuss it more along with any questions that you have.