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Why The Browns Should Not Draft A Quarterback This Year

Now that Super Bowl LI is in the books, the next big event every team’s fans are looking forward to is the NFL draft. Every team is going to be looking for their future stars and franchise players, and no team needs those guys more desperately than the Cleveland Browns.

It’s no secret. Cleveland is a mess. They have so many weaknesses, yet not many players with a lot of upside. The Browns will be looking to fill so many voids in the upcoming draft. My advice? Don’t draft a quarterback. Don’t do it, period. Many analysts are saying Cleveland needs to find their franchise quarterback and should look at taking a qb early. No way! Not in this draft.

Look, Cleveland needs players. Lots of them. Good players. I don’t see any qb in this draft able to fill that void. They need to boost their offensive line and their secondary first and foremost, with the exception of Myles Garrett if he stays on top of the draft boards. That guy is scary! There are plenty of guards, safeties, and corners that will be solid in the NFL and will be available in the 2nd thru the 4th rounds. Maybe they could gamble on a qb with a late round draft pick, but I wouldn’t. Cody Kessler isn’t going to be a legendary qb, but he can be solid under Jackson’s regime. Kessler looked like the solid choice at times and his numbers weren’t bad when he wasn’t getting knocked around. His 65.6 completion percentage proves he can be accurate, he just needs protection. Protection that will keep drives alive and not stalling after a huge loss from a sack. Granted, Cleveland could use free agency to beef up the o-line, but I still wouldn’t go after a quarterback in the draft.

Another option the Browns have is to trade the overall top pick. While some say that option is irrational, it actually could make sense. If Cleveland could get what they want out of the pick, they can come out ahead in the draft and maybe, just maybe, be on track to have their first successful season since 2007. Since the Browns came back into the NFL in 1999, they have only Been able to go over .500 twice.

The Browns don’t necessarily have a good track record at drafting good quarterbacks anyways. Kessler may be the exception, but overall, their qb draft picks have been a bust and that was even before Manziel decided to flush his career down the toilet. Look at all the quarterbacks they’ve drafted since ’99: Couch, McCown, Frye, Quinn, McCoy, Weeden, and Manziel. Not a very good record. Build that o-line up instead to provide better pass protection and help in converting more third downs. Restructure that defense that allowed almost six yards per play last year. They need to get some quality players in place and maybe look for a free agent qb next season if the Browns can flash a little success and make Cleveland more disreable. But whatever Cleveland decides to do, don’t draft a quarterback!

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