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The Best Trade Destinations for Tony Romo

With the list of free agent qb’s looking a little stale this year, some teams may be looking to trade for a veteran signal caller. Tony Romo is a name that keeps coming up in conversations about a veteran qb. While Jerry Jones hasn’t  been very talkative about trading Romo, trading him could be a strong possibility. Especially since the Cowboys will be looking to clear some cap space. With Dak Prescott looking to be the Cowboys’ qb of the future, Romo could be a likely trade candidate this off season. If Romo were to be traded, here’s a look at some possible landing spots for the veteran.

Cleveland Browns: Altgough I wouldn’t like this move, the Browns may be in the market for a veteran qb. Cleveland doesn’t have a good track record of drafting at the qb position anyways. Romo would be an upgrade, but he’s getting older and can’t be knocked around in the pocket any longer. If the Browns can build up their offensive line, this could possibly work.

San Francisco 49ers: Kyle Shanahan will be looking to build up a 49ers offense that ranked 31st in the NFL last season in yards per game and even at 36, Romo is still superior to the likes of Kaepernick and Gabbert. I think Shanahan would prefer signing Cousins over trading for Romo, but Cousins will most likely get the franchise tag from Washington if they can’t reach a deal.  If that’s the case, the 49ers could take a long look at him.

Los Angeles Rams: This would most likely be the least best fit for Romo. The Rams will most likely be moving ahead with Goff, but he isn’t ready. A seasoned qb could be what the team needs short term and Keenum is not the answer.

New York Jets: The Jets look to be the best fit for Romo. They need a productive qb really bad and Romo would be a welcome addition to New York. Fitzpatrick, Smith, Petty, and Hackenberg seem to be a better fit for a backup role, and all have proven they can’t fill the role of being an everyday  starter. Although, Hackenberg has the most upside of the four. The Jets have to shave some cap room too, so some restructuring would definitely have to take place to make a deal happen.

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