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Panini Issues Statement About National Treasures Authentication

Panini's Exlcusive Football Deal Could be the blame for improper authentication of products

On Tuesday afternoon Panini America responded to a claim that a card was misleading and not authentic. The issue involves the recent release of 2016 National Treasures Football in the NFL Gear Quads Laundry Tag set. On the back of the card, Panini authenticates that the card is game worn. However, the tags are clearly from Mitchell & Ness jerseys, a company who is well known for producing replicas. So obviously something doesn’t add up. Nick Matijevich, Panini’s Product Develpment Director for Football had this to say on the matter.

“It has come to our attention that an inadvertent error was made in the authentication copy on three cards that appeared in the NFL Gear Quads Laundry Tag set from 2016 National Treasures Football. Only one of the three cards has made it to the secondary market at this time, but in doing our due diligence to determine how the error occurred, we discovered that two other cards in this parallel have the same uncorrected error in the authentication copy.”

If you happen to score one of these cards, Panini is offering for the person to contact them and send the card back so they can rebuild the card so it advertises as player worn instead of game worn. Here are the three cards that this issue pertains to.

NFL Gear Quads Laundry Tag

#16 Peyton Manning/Dan Marino/Tom Brady/John Elway (Marino and Elway are player-worn)

#17 Eric Dickerson/Adrian Peterson/Jamal Lewis/Barry Sanders (Sanders is player-worn)

#20 Peyton Manning/Brett Favre/Dan Marino/Drew Brees (Marino is player-worn)

Panini National Treasures

You can easily see on the Marino and Elway tags the Mitchell & Ness logo.


This issue comes to light recently ¬†after an e-mail leaked of Eli Manning allegedly being involved in a memorabilia scandal with Steiner Sports. While I don’t think the error was intentional on Panini’s part, issues like this could cause collectors to become skeptical of authentications from card companies in the future. Also, I wouldn’t consider this to be a valuable error since it has to do with the authentication of the card. If you happen to come into possession of one of these cards and intend to sell it, I would definitely send it back to Panini for them to rebuild properly.¬†You can read the full statement from Panini here.

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