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NFL Grants Compensatory Draft Picks. Here's The Full List

Each year, the NFL grants teams compensatory draft picks. A team can be awarded those extra picks by losing more players or better players in the previous year. Compensatory draft picks are awarded between round 3 to round 7 and gives players entered in the draft a better shot of finding a home in the NFL. Starting in this year’s draft, teams are allowed to trade their bonus picks. Here’s the list of which teams will receive compensatory draft picks this year. 

Arizona Cardinals: 36th pick round 3 (181 overall)

Baltimore Ravens: 35th pick round 3 (99 overall)

Carolina Panthers: 34th pick round 3 (98 overall)

Cincinnati Bengals: 32nd pick round 4 (138 overall), 33rd pick round 5 (178 overall), 34th pick round 6 (219 overall), 33rd pick round 7 (253 overall)

Cleveland Browns: 39th pick round 3 (103 overall), 33rd pick round 4 (139 overall), 36th pick round 4 (142 overall), 38th pick round 5 (183 overall)

Denver Broncos: 37th pick round 3 (101 overall), 34th pick round 5 (179 overall), 34th pick round 7 (254 overall), 35th pick round 7 (255 overall)

Green Bay Packers: 39th pick round 5 (184 overall)

Indianapolis Colts: 38th pick round 4 (144 overall)

Kansas City Chiefs: 40th pick round 3 (104 overall), 37th pick round 5 (182 overall), 33rd pick round 6 (218 overall) 35th pick round 6 (220 overall)

Los Angeles Rams: 36th pick round 3 (100 overall)

Miami Dolphins: 33rd pick round 3 (97th Overall), 35th pick round 5 (180th overall), 41st pick round 5 (186th overall)

New England Patriots: 40th pick round 5 (185 overall)

New York Jets: 43rd pick round 3 (107 overall)

Pittsburgh Steelers: 41st pick round 3 (105 overall)

San Francisco 49ers: 37th pick round 4 (143 overall)

Seattle Seahawks: 38th pick round 3 (102 overall), 42nd pick round 3 (106 overall)

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