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Mountaineers Endure Scare As Bob Huggins Falls To Knees on Court Clutching Chest

Bob Huggins suddenly fell to his knees on the court during a timeout Monday night against Texas. Huggins was walking out on the court to huddle with his team and went to his knees while clutching his chest. 

Medical trainers were quick to respond. Actually Huggins’ personal doctor was also there and checked out the legendary coach. He also claimed he was lightheaded. After a few minutes, Huggins regained his composure and coached the remaining seconds of the first half. 

Huggins has a history of heart conditions including a massive heart attack in 2002. The cause of the fall tonight was that Huggins has a defibrillator implanted and it went off and sent a shock through the coach. He also stated he was having issues with the device and everything is okay now. Huggins did show a sense of humor after the ordeal. He pointed to WVU point guard Javon Carter and said, “it’s all your fault”. Huggins seems to be fine now and stayed to coach the second half.

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