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Kansas City Royals sign Mike Moustakas to one-year deal

Mike Moustakas Royals

The Kansas City Royals put an end to their bleeding due to free agency this offseason. The Royals resigned third baseman Mike Moustakas to a one-year deal, worth $6.5 million in guaranteed salary. There is also a mutual second year option worth $15 million. The contract has the potential to earn Moustakas just shy of $23 million over a two-year span. The Royals also are attempting a rebuild so Moustakas may be valuable to someone in July that’s in contention, but a trade is unlikely.

Moustakas was hoping for a large payday after last year’s performance, but the free agent market has been slow rolling so far this season. I guess you can say that some money is better than no money. The good thing with a one-year deal is that he can test the free agency waters again next season. Since breaking onto the MLB stage in 2011, Moustakas has spent his entire career with the Royals. During that time, the 29 year-old has hit 119 home runs and has a career .251 batting average. The 2017 MLB season was a sort of breakout year for the all-star. Moustakas hit a career high, 38 home runs and batted .272.  A torn ACL ended his 2016 campaign early. A possible reason as to why he didn’t sign with a MLB team earlier this offseason.

The Kansas City Royals desperately needed another solid hitter in their lineup. With Eric Hosmer in San Diego and Lorenzo Cain in Milwaukee, the Royals are spread thin offensively. Salvador Perez and Brandon Moss are the only players to hit over 20 home runs besides Moose left from last year’s team. In losing Hosmer and Cain, Kansas City lost both players that hit .300 or higher last season. So keeping a player like Mike Moustakas is crucial in a lineup that lost two of their best hitters.Signing Jon Jay this offseason should help with a hitter that can get on base. Lucas Duda is expected to replace Hosmer at first base.

Kansas City had an upper hand in negotiations by making a qualifying offer to Moustakas last fall. That means that any team that signed him would have had to give up a second round pick. The task of finding a new team next year will also be tough since the free agent pool for third baseman is expected to be loaded. Regardless, Mike Moustakas can hit for power and would be a welcomed addition to any lineup. Staying home in Kansas City will also sit well with the fans.