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John Ross Declines 40-Yard Dash Challenge From Billy Hamilton………For Now.

John Ross Billy Hamilton race

Marvin Lewis expressed his displeasure of a John Ross and Billy Hamilton 40-yard dash race anytime soon. “John is not a circus act.” Lewis told reporters on Friday. Hamilton challenged the Bengals first-round draft pick as a true test to see which one was faster. Hamilton said they could turn it into a charity event to sweeten the deal, but Ross doesn’t seem too interested at the moment. The Reds outfielder has been highly proclaimed as baseball’s fastest man since breaking into the majors in 2013. He currently has 202 career stolen bases in five MLB seasons and leads all of baseball in the category for the 2017 season. John Ross is clearly one of the top rookies to watch for in the NFL this upcoming season due to breaking the 40-yard dash record at the NFL combine running it in 4.22 seconds. Ross was fast before the NFL draft though. Last season for the Washington Huskies, Ross caught 81 receptions for 1,150 yards.

While it would be fun watching a Cincinnati Bengal vs. Cincinnati Red runoff, I totally understand where Lewis and Ross are coming from for now. Analysts have speculated the Hamilton has sub 4.30 speed in the 40 so it could be a good race, but Billy Hamilton has established himself already on the Reds roster and Ross is just getting his feet wet in the NFL. Although, Ross hasn’t ruled anything out later on. “It would be awesome to do that and we could probably work out something later, but right now I’m just focused on being a Bengal. I don’t know what the future holds, but if he wants to do something for the community later or for charity, that would be awesome. Right now I’m just focused on being a football player.” Ross told reporters on Friday. I’m sure the main reason Marvin Lewis doesn’t think Ross should race for the time being is to avoid risking an injury. Obviously, the Bengals coach doesn’t want to take any chances with his newly acquired wide receiver as Ross has already had several knee injuries in his football career and missed the entire 2015 season with a torn ACL. While it seems like Lewis is being a party pooper, he does have a valid point. However, I hope the two speedsters can get something in order for later on. It would be a great race for charity along with a great race for the fans.

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