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James White, The Unsung Hero of Super Bowl LI

  • While Super Bowl LI will go down as one of the greatest games in history, one player who will soon be forgotten, made it the game that it was. James White. Yes, we all will remember for a short time that game winning two yard touchdown run by White, but it was his solid gameplay throughout the game kept drives alive for the Patriots. Brady seemed out of sync with Amendola, Hogan, and even Edelman early, but White was the one receiver who seemed to be the “sure thing”. The five foot nine inch running back out of Wisconsin proved to be the mismatch the Patriots needed for their historic comeback. We all know Tom Brady will go down as one of the best, if not the best QB of all time and is on his way to Canton. But it was White, who stepped out of the role of being Brady’s safety outlet and into the role of Super Bowl hero. It was White who set a Super Bowl record with fourteen receptions. It was White who ran to the outside on the Atlanta two yard line and who’s second effort lunge gave the Tom Brady his fifth super bowl ring. So why was he snubbed out of Super Bowl MVP over Brady? Because it’s Tom Brady. There’s no doubt that Brady had a great game and is considered the G.O.A.T. but would he have that fifth ring if it wasn’t for White? That answer is a no. If you take White out of the equation, the Falcons would have easily held onto their big lead and sent Brady and the Patriots back to Foxboro empty handed. Yes, Brady do throw for 466 yards, he makes for a better story of being the MVP over James White. Brady targeted seven different receivers and White caught thirty two percent of Brady’s completions. That’s huge. It all falls back to fan favorite and who’s the better story. That’s not how it should be in my opinion. I feel the MVP is exactly what it stands for, the most valuable player. If you take White away from the equation, the Pats lose. That’s how I feel the MVP should be determined. Yes, I get that he had Tom Brady feeding him passes all night, but he was by far the only patriots receiver that was making plays all night. Edelman had that sensational catch, but that’s pretty much it. Amendola and Mitchell showed up late in the game, but only because White commanded more attention from the Falcon secondary. Hogan, whom many fantasy gurus thought would have a beast of a night, only could muster one reception. The Falcons held everyone in check except for White. With all that being said, James White should have been the MVP of Super Bowl LI. For now, he’s the hero of the Super Bowl, but eventually, his 14 reception 110 yard performance will fall back into the shadow of Tom Brady and everyone will talk about Brady’s miraculous comeback.


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