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Cuban Prospect Luis Robert Cleared to Sign With MLB 

Major League Baseball cleared top Cuban prospect as a free agent and he’ll be allowed to sign with any club as of May 20th. The outfielder defected from Cuba in November to pursue his dream of playing in the majors. Many MLB teams are interested in the 19-year old prospect and they will definitely make him an offer, but it is rumored that Robert has ties with the Chicago White Sox.

According to MLB.com, Robert is considered one of the top international baseball prospects. Playing in Cuba’s highest baseball league last season, Robert hit .401 with 12 home runs and had 11 stolen bases. Keep in mind that was for only 53 games and 232 plate appearances. 

The timing for Robert seems to be perfect as well. If he wasn’t deemed eligible before the International signing period on July 2nd, many teams would have been unable to sign him due to being at the maximum penalty for the bonus pool. Now that he’s eligible early, the only teams that are automatically  disqualified from signing him are the Royals, Giants, Cubs, and Dodgers. Just about every other team is interested so look for a bidding war to come at the end of May.

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