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Six Possible Replacements if the Cincinnati Reds Fire Bryan Price

Who should the Cincinnati Reds hire if they fire Bryan Price

The Cincinnati Reds are off to one of their worst starts in franchise history. The Reds have struggled in recent years and the blame is being placed on manager Bryan Price. If he can’t find a way to get Cincinnati improving, look for him to be replaced during the season. He’s already on the hot seat and it’s getting hotter every day. Price has been the Reds manager now going into his fifth year with the club. His 278-382 record is less than desirable. Actually, it’s god awful. The Reds have finished last in the NL Central for the past three seasons and this year is looking like more of the same.

Firing a manager during the season rarely moves the team in the right direction. While I don’t agree with firing Bryan Price until after the season, the Reds are going downhill fast. The team is pumping the brakes, but can’t stop the downward spiral. So a change could be coming any day now. If that happens, one has to wonder who will take over as interim manager for the Cincinnati Reds. Most fans want one particular legend in the Queen City, but this isn’t the time for that. The replacement would most likely be a guy who bridges the gap while the Reds try to find their next permanent manager. Here’s a look at six candidates that could serve as the interim manager if Cincinnati fires Bryan Price soon.

Jim Riggleman:

Jim Riggleman is one of two likely candidates. Riggleman is currently the bench coach for the Reds and has plenty of coaching experience. In twelve years, Riggleman has managed four different teams. The downfall is that he wasn’t that successful either. He’s only had two winning seasons in his career, with his best season being in 1998 with the Chicago Cubs. What makes Jim Riggleman a good candidate is that he’s served as interim manager twice and he should be good enough to bridge the gap.

John Farrell:

Currently a scout for the Cincinnati Reds, Farrell is another name that could find himself calling the shots once again in the majors. The 55-year-old Farrell won the World Series with the Boston Red Sox in 2013. He also holds a 586-548 record in seven years as a manager. He won 93 games in each of his last two seasons with the Red Sox. On the outside, Farrell looks like the prime candidate and the Reds should have promoted him yesterday. However, there are some concerns with bringing Farrell on board. His success came in Boston, a team with plenty of financial resources. There was a lot more talent on those teams than what the Reds have fielded in the past six years. Regardless, maybe it’s time to give John Farrell a shot with a bunch of young guys and see what he can really do.

Billy Hatcher:

Hatcher has never been an MLB manager, but he does have a ton of coaching experience. He’s been with the Reds coaching staff since 2006. In 19 total years as a coach, Hatcher has served as first and third base coaches as well as a bench coach. Hatcher has never managed in any level of baseball, but he’s paid his dues and deserves a shot at running the Reds. Hatcher was also on the 1990 World Series team so he could be a hit with the older fans. If the Cincinnati Reds front office wants to reward loyalty, then Billy Hatcher could be the next skipper. Although he’s my pick, it’s unlikely that the Reds agree.

Delino DeShields:

This is another unlikely candidate, but possible. DeShields seems to be a career minor league manager. “Bop” has managed over a thousand minor league games. However, a 491-570 record probably isn’t going to give him an MLB gig. To be fair, the minors are more directed towards development over wins and losses. Delino DeShields will be a name that can come up but quickly tossed to the side.

Barry Larkin:

If the Reds fired Bryan Price tomorrow and hires Barry Larkin, seats would fill almost as fast as what Billy Hamilton is. The Hall of Famer is certainly the top choice among many fans. He’s got a ton of baseball knowledge and does a great job at developing players at his camp in Florida. The problem with hiring Barry Larkin as the Reds’ manager is his lack of experience. Larkin served as the bench coach for the USA National Team in 2009. He managed the second round game against Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic. He also managed the Brazilian team in the tournament in 2013. That’s all of the coaching experience that he has.  If the Reds turn to Barry Larkin as the new manager, it may be a hit or miss scenario. He’s more suited to become the manager in the offseason to build up and develop players in the Spring.

Corky Miller:

Why in the world would I put Corky Miller on this list? Why not? He is a fan favorite and does have some coaching experience. Along with having arguably the best facial hair in baseball. He’s young enough to relate to the players but old enough to contribute valuable experience. As a catcher in his MLB career, Miller had to understand both sides of the game. He had to study pitcher and hitter habits equally the same. Often, the catcher controls how the defense plays in the infield in various situations. Miller has been coaching in the Reds farm system since 2015 and has quite a bit of knowledge about prospects and current Reds players. Corky Miller is probably the least likely candidate on this list, but an argument can be made for him. Fear the stache!

Don’t put all of the blame on Bryan Price

All of the blame for the Reds struggles shouldn’t be placed solely on Bryan Price. Injuries have plagued the team the past couple of seasons. Homer Bailey, Anthony Desclafani, and Brandon Finnegan spent a significant time on the DL last year. That caused Cincinnati to use several pitchers last year that wasn’t ready. Descalfani and Finnegan have started out this season with injuries as well. While the starting pitching has been a little better, the bullpen is not that good. The offense has also struggled this season. Third baseman Eugenio Suarez and outfielder Scott Schebler have also missed some time. Joey Votto is off to his normal slow start. The Reds are 26th in the MLB with a .224 team batting average. If the offense can pick it up, this team could make a small run.

If the Cincinnati Reds pull the plug on Bryan Price, two of the guys on this list are the likely candidates. The decision will come down to John Farrell or Jim Riggleman. However, the Reds have been known to make a decision that comes from out of nowhere. If that happens, expect one of the other four guys could get the call. That is if the Reds even fire Bryan Price during this season. While I will argue that manager changes during the season seem pointless, it could be better for the club to go ahead and make a change.  Whether Price finishes out the season or is gone soon, one thing is for certain. The current Reds skipper is on borrowed time.