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Bronson Arroyo Proving He’s Still Valuable In The Reds Rotation

Bronson Arroyo still valuable for the Cincinnati Reds

Who would’ve ever thought that after not pitching for three seasons and being forty years old that Bronson Arroyo still has what it takes to pitch in Major League Baseball. Well, it looks like he does. Arroyo showed some rust early on from not pitching in a MLB game since 2014, but he has since settled down and gave the Reds some quality starts. He’ll have his ups and downs this year, but he’s been one of the most reliable Reds starting pitchers so far in the 2017 season.

Arroyo’s stats may not look appealing, but he seems to find a way to get the job done. While his 6.53 era is high for a starting pitcher, he does lead all of the Cincinnati Reds pitchers with three wins for the season. He’ll bring his era down as the season goes on and should give the Reds more quality outings. Even at his age, Arroyo has the durability needed to stay in the rotation for the long haul of the baseball season. Arroyo is a great veteran presence in the Cincinnati locker room giving the younger pitchers advice and mentoring them. Even in bad outings, he always seems to keep his cool and he knows how to pitch his way out of trouble.

With Cincinnati’s continued pitching woes from last year rolling over to this year, A pitcher like Bronson Arroyo is valuable. He’s a crafty veteran that won’t put batters away with velocity, but instead relies on a good combination of breaking balls and ball placement. His strategy is to get batters off their timing. A 67 mph curve ball or a 86 mph fastball are pitches that any MLB hitter could crush, but Arroyo does very well at keeping his pitches out of the zone to jam hitters. Arroyo had a very good showing last month against the Cubs. In that game, he went six innings, giving up just two runs, and striking out seven for the win against the defending World Series champions.

While the Reds have been plagued by injuries to their starting rotation this season, the team is still 15-14 and only one game behind the Cubs in the N.L. Central. While solid offensive numbers have been the major part in their early success, Bronson Arroyo has to be given some of that credit. He would still be a solid number four or five starter even if all of the Reds pitchers were healthy and could help the Reds contend for a playoff spot. While he won’t win any awards, double-digit wins is not out of reach. If Arroyo keeps his recent success all season long, you could be seeing one of the best comeback stories of the 2017 MLB season.

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