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Broncos Highly Interested If Tony Romo Is Released

The Denver Broncos have expressed interest in signing Tony Romo if the Cowboys release him. They will not make a trade, but will negotiate with the veteran qb if he’s released. The Cowboys have yet to decide Romo’s fate, but with lingering salary cap issues, they have to save some money. Releasing or trading Romo would make perfect sense. 

For 2017 Romo is taking up $24.7 million in cap space. That’s a tall order for any team to take on in a trade so releasing him would be the most likely scenario, but several teams in desperate need of a qb could take a chance on him. Denver won’t do that. John Elway hopes the Cowboys can’t find any takers and gives Romo his outright release. Denver will be one of several teams hoping they can strike a deal with him. 

Elway has stated that he likes their young qb’s, but they need more offensive production and Romo would be a nearly perfect fit. Paxton Lynch has been compared to him ability wise, so a grooming role could take place as well. It will all depend on what the price tag is though. If Denver can get Romo for $12 million a year or less, they’ll likely make the deal. They could develop an incentive heavy contract that would entice Romo to sign, but anything more than that and the Broncos will probably pass. 

Romo has been plagued by injuries for the past two years with a back injury and lost his starting role last year with the breakthrough play of Dak Prescott. Even at 36, Romo still seems to have enough left in the tank to compete. In 2014, he had a solid season which was also the last full season he played. The veteran passed for 3700 yards, threw 34 touchdowns to only 9 interceptions, had a 69% completion percentage, and a 12-3 record as a starter that year. 

While many teams will be interested in Romo, Denver would be a great place to finish out his career. They are probably the best team that would be interested in him, but even the Broncos would have some work to do. Elway has also stated that the team will be working this off season to build up the offensive line and that would be a huge necessity if they’re thinking of bringing Romo on board. Being injury prone for the last couple of year’s would mean the Broncos would need to have superior protection for him.

This news also could benefit Dallas as well. Only a handful of teams would be able to pull off a blockbuster trade, but even those teams would rather Romo to be released in order to bring down his massive contract. With teams like Denver expressing interest, that could motivate another team to reach out to Dallas to make a deal. Whether it be a trade or release, don’t look for Tony Romo to be a Cowboy this coming season.

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