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Big3 Basketball Week 6 Preview, Standings, Stat Leaders

Kwame Brown Big3 Basketball

Big3 Basketball is set to take over the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. The playoff picture is starting to take shape with Trilogy still undefeated and on top. The 3 Headed Monsters and Power are nipping at their heels though. Last week, the Big3 had three blowouts as only one game was within 15 points on margin of victory. While the games should be closer this week, only one game seems to be a quality matchup on paper.

Big3 Basketball Standings

Rank Team W L GB PF PA DIF
1 Trilogy 5 0 0 261 201 60
2 3 Headed Monsters 4 1 1 251 220 31
3 Power 4 1 1 246 231 15
4 Ghost Ballers 3 2 2 254 249 5
5 Killer 3’s 1 4 4 233 255 -22
6 Tri-State 1 4 4 231 258 -27
7 3’s Company 1 4 4 224 253 -29
8 Ball Hogs 1 4 4 223 256 -33

Big3 Basketball Stat Leaders


Field Goals

Field Goal Percentage

Both of these teams are 1-4, but the Killer 3’s have shown the most improvement. Stephen Jackson is one of the best scorers in the league, while Reggie Evans has been dominant inside. The Ball Hogs will have to rely on Rasual Butler to make key outside shots to counter the Killer 3’s dominant inside defense. Josh Childress will also have to be a contributor inside as well. The game should be somewhat close, but the Killer 3’s are playing good ball as of late. Jackson is averaging 20.6 ppg. for the Killer 3’s with Chauncey Billups adding 18 ppg as well. Throw in 11.2 rpg from Evans and you can see how solid the Killer 3’s are. My prediction, Killer 3’s 51, Ball Hogs 41.

3’s Company vs. Power

3’s Company coach Allen Iverson has his team in a mess at this point in the season. His team isn’t playing good ball and are most likely not going to see post season play this year. 3’s Company has three great defenders in Andre Owens, Al Thornton, and DerMarr Johnson, but the team lacks on offense after Johnson. Power on the other hand, looks to clinch a playoff spot on Sunday. They are one of the best all-around teams in Big3 Basketball with Cuttino Mobley leading the way. Mobley can score from anywhere on the court and also creates his fair share of turnovers. Jerome Williams will dominate the boards and DeShawn Stevenson adds to the pain with a solid outside shooting presence. In the end, Power will just be too powerful for 3’s Company to handle. My prediction, Power 50, 3’s Company 43.

Trilogy vs. Ghost Ballers

The Ghost Ballers need this win to help keep their Big3 Basketball playoff hopes secure. The Ghost Ballers have the best ball handlers in the Big3 in Mike Bibby. He’ll be dishing the rock to Ricky Davis since he is the team’s leading scorer. Trilogy are tuned in though. They have the fewest vulnerabilities compared to the other Big3 Basketball teams. Rashad McCants leads the team in scoring and Al Harrington is another major contributor. James White is an excellent defender. Trilogy is like a well-oiled machine and are as consistent as the come. The Ghost Ballers will have to put up their best offensive numbers yet in Big3 play to have a chance. My prediction, Trilogy 50, Ghost Ballers 45.

Tri-State vs. 3 Headed Monsters

The 3 Headed Monsters should clinch a playoff spot after this week. They’ll have the Big3 Basketball points leader on the court in Rashad McCants. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf will also be hot on offense and Kwame Brown has been dominating inside the paint. Look for more of the same performances by those three guys this week. Tri-State has struggled this year, but there are some positives with this team. Mike James can score with the best of them, while Lou Amundson is a solid defender. Jermaine O’Neal is a top rebounder in the league. Still, Tri-State doesn’t have the offense to hang with the 3 Headed Monsters. My prediction, 3 Headed Monsters 51, Tri-State 40.

This week should provide for better games than last week in the Big3. Not many fans are interested in a blowout. The playoff race is on so expect to see some very good games this week. If you happen to checkout a game live, give us your feedback of the games and take a selfie or any picture at the game and send it to us so we can add it to our Facebook page.

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