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Big3 Basketball Week 8 Scores, Final Standings, Playoffs

Big3 Basketball Scores

The Big3 Basketball league hit the Staples Center hard. Both the entertainment value and quality of games were high. Being that it was in Los Angeles, Many stars were in the crowd to check out the event. Oscar De La Hoya, Gilbert Arenas, T-Pain, Martin Lawrence, among many others came to support the Big3 and had a great time in doing so. Snoop Dogg performed during half-time and took the show to a whole new level. The entertainment matched the great basketball games well. The playoff race was tight going into the last week of the regular season with five teams competing for the last two spots. Trilogy set the bar high for future Big3 Basketball seasons as they are the first team in the league to go undefeated. Obviously, they clinched a spot in the playoffs earlier in the season along with the 3 Headed Monsters.

Big3 Basketball Week 8 Scores and Highlights

Tri-State 51, Power 42

Tri-State went out and did what they had to do. They beat the third-best team in the Big3. As a team, Tri-State shot 48.7 percent from the field. Four players contributed towards the win. Mike James led the team with 17 points, while Lee Nailon added 13 points and Dominic McGuire finished with 10 points. Bonzi Wells hit his second game-winning shot on the season and finished with 8 points and 8 rebounds. For Power, Deshawn Stevenson put up 22 points and hit 6 3-pointers in the game making him the Big3 3-point champion. Cuttino Mobley didn’t play well, but still gave Power 12 points. Power still made the playoffs despite Tri-State playing spoiler.

Big3 Basketball scores

Dr. J and Bonzi Wells turned Tri-State around in the second-half of the season. This could be a team to watch for next year.

Trilogy 50, Killer 3’s 41

The Killer 3’s had the toughest match-up in their way of trying to clinch a playoff spot. Charles Oakley wanted “all hands on deck” and the included himself. He almost had no choice in the matter as chauncey Billups and Reggie Evans were out of the lineup. Oakley was known to be an aggressive and physical play in his NBA days. Oakley proved he still could play rough after leveling Al Harrington and drawing a flagrant foul. He finished the game with 0 points and 4 fouls in 8 minutes of play. Brian Cook came out of nowhere and led the Killer 3’s with 17 points. Stephen Jackson added another 16 points and 9 rebounds. The Killer 3’s went on a 15-0 run to bring the deficit within 3 points, but Trilogy’s steady three starters found their groove and pulled away. Rashad McCants led the team with 17 points and Al Harrington was 6-8 from the field with 16 points. James White also finished in double-digits with 10 points. Trilogy dominated the Big3 all season long which led them to be the first undefeated team in Big3 Basketball.

Charles Oakley Big3 Basketball

Despite no scoring, Oakley proves he can still get mean on the court.

Ball Hogs 50, 3’s Company 47

With Power losing in the first game of the day, the door was wide open for 3’s Company. Unfortunately, the Ball Hogs finally were able to put a good game together. 3’s Company was looking good in the first-half with a 6 point lead, but the Ball Hogs poured it on in the second half. Xavier Silas lead all scorers in the game with 20 points and nailed a 4-point shot. Josh Childress put together his best game of the season going 7-8 from the field with 16 points in just 15 minutes of playing time. Derrick Byars contributed to the spoiler by adding 11 points. Andre Owens scored 19 points and 8 rebounds in the losing effort for 3’s Company. Al Thornton scored 11 points and Mike Sweetney added 8 points. As a coach, Allen Iverson finished the season with a 1-5 record while DerMarr Johnson went 2-0 calling the shots in Iverson’s absence. The loss allowed Power to clinch the #3 spot.

Big3 Basketball Scores

Josh Childress has played well defensively, but the Ball Hogs will need to improve on offense for next season.

Ghost Ballers 50, 3 Headed Monsters 33

The Ghost Ballers needed a  win in a bad way and actually received some help from the 3 Headed Monsters. While the starters still played the majority of the game, it seemed that Gary Payton had his team on cruise control on the court. Rashard Lewis had to score 16 points to clinch the Big3 Basketball points title. He did so by scoring 18 points. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf added 9 points. The Ghost Ballers went on a 15-4 run early in the second-half that also featured a Bibby hitting his sixth 4-point shot of the season. Bibby went on the finish with 13 points and 4 assists. Ricky Davis put up almost identical numbers as Bibby by also scoring 13 points and having 4 assists. Ivan Johnson had 12 points and Marcus Banks added 10 points. The win clinched the #4 spot in the playoffs for the Ghost Ballers. They’ll have to step up their game in round one as they play Trilogy.

Ice Cube vs. LaVar Ball

The Big3 added one more competition to the past week’s events. After months of trash-talking back and forth, Ice Cube Challenged LaVar Ball to a 4-point shootout. The stakes at first were one pair of Big Baller Brand Z02’s on the line, but Cube was confident and increased the ante to ten pairs. While entertaining, the challenge itself was a bust. If LaVar could take Jordan one-on-one like he says, he definitely can’t beat him from the outside. Unless air balls count. Ice Cube nailed two 4-point shots to take the win.

Big3 Basketball Final Standings                                                                             

X Clinched Playoff Berth    
Rank Team W L GB PF PA Dif
1 Trilogy x 8 0 412 323 89
2 3 Headed Monsters x 6 2 2 384 349 35
3 Power x 4 4 4 382 385 -3
4 Ghost Ballers x 4 4 4 383 384 -1
5 Tri-State 3 5 5 378 393 -15
6 3’s Company 3 5 5 375 400 -25
7 Killer 3’s 2 6 6 372 396 -24
8 Ball Hogs 2 6 6 347 403 -56

All eight teams will be playing in round one of the playoffs as the bottom-four teams will be competing in consolation games. You can check out a recap of all Big3 Basketball regular season action here.

Big3 Basketball Ice Cube LaVar Ball

Ice Cube takes on LaVar Ball in 4-point shootout.

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