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Big3 Basketball Week 8 Preview, Standings, Finale Lineup

Big3 Basketball Teams

When Big3 Basketball takes the court at the Staples Center, get ready for a show. Ice Cube has big things planned for the regular season finale on Sunday. For starters, Jeffrey Osborne will sing the National Anthem to kick the event off. Snoop Dogg will also be performing during an undetermined half-time show. If that isn’t enough, Ice Cube will be taking on LaVar Ball in a 4-point challenge. Ice Cube knows how to entertain and this week’s festivities will definitely entertain die-hard and casual fans alike.

Amid all the extra-curricular activities taking place, there will also be great basketball action. Especially as five teams are still mathematically in the running for the last two open playoff spots. Last week proved that things were heating up in the playoff race and this week will be even more intense. Every game this week will be huge. Trilogy will try to go down as the first undefeated team in Big3 Basketball. If you’re a fan of the Big3, you’ll enjoy this week. If you’re not a fan, still watch it because Los Angeles will provide a lot of excitement.

Big3 Basketball Standings

Rank Team W L GB PF PA Dif
1 Trilogy 7 0 362 282 80
2 3 Headed Monsters 6 1 1 351 299 52
3 Power 4 3 3 340 334 6
4 Ghost Ballers 3 4 4 333 351 -18
5 3’s Company 3 4 4 328 350 -22
6 Killer 3’s 2 5 5 331 346 -15
7 Tri-State 2 5 5 327 351 -24
8 Ball Hogs 1 6 6 297 356 -59

Big3 Basketball Week 8 Preview

Tri-State vs. Power

Power is hanging on to the third playoff spot, but they need a big win here. Tri-State however, needs a miracle and it could start by pulling off a win in game one. They’ll have to get by a great outside shooting team in Power though. Cuttino Mobley is the third-best scorer in Big3 Basketball and can hurt teams from anywhere in the court. DeShawn Stevenson is another guy that can score a lot of points and hit big shots for Power. Rasual Butler and Kendall Gill are a great presence inside the paint. Tri-State has played great defense lately behind Bonzi Wells and Mike James. Wells also leads the team in scoring. Dominic McGuire and Lou Amundson are among the best blockers in the league. This game will be a defensive battle and close, Power seems to have too many weapons. My prediction, Power 50, Tri-State 46.

Cuttino Mobley Big3 Basketball Teams

Mobley (left) has been the leader for Power this season.

Killer 3’s vs. Trilogy

When you’re playing the top-ranked team in Big3 Basketball, you must have all hands on deck. Charles Oakley is doing just that as he will suit up for the last game. The last time Oakley has played in a game was in 2004 so it’s doubtful that he will make a huge impact. Instead, the Killer 3’s will have to rely on Stephen Jackson and Chauncey Billups to hang with Trilogy offensively. Jackson is only one point behind for the Big3 scoring lead. Reggie Evans leads the league in rebounds and will give the Killer 3’s a lot of second chances. Trilogy is undefeated for a reason though. They have three good starters and all of them can score in double-digits. Rashad McCants is proving why he was selected first overall in this year’s Big3 Basketball draft. McCants is averaging 18.4 points per game and fourth in the league in scoring. Al Harrington is a true leader on the court and provides an offensive punch as well. James White is another outside option for Trilogy. When in doubt, you go with the unbeaten. My prediction Trilogy 50, Killer 3’s 47.

Charles Oakley Big3 Basketball Teams

Oakley will trade in his suit for a jersey as he makes his much anticipated debut on the court.

3’s Company vs. Ball Hogs

3’s Company has the most favorable match-up among teams still in the playoff race. Especially, since they are playing the worst team in the league. Allen Iverson returns after his one game suspension, but his team has played sensational in his absence. Andre Owens is an all-around player that will grab plenty of boards and score a lot of points. Al Thornton and DerMarr Johnson will also score double-digits with Thornton contributing a lot on defense. The Ball Hogs will try to play spoiler behind Derrick Byars as he leads the team in scoring. That’s about it for the Ball Hogs though. Xavier Silas is hit or miss, but is capable of contributing on offense. Josh Childress and Brian Scalabrine have virtually been non-existent this season. 3’s Company should dominate in this game from the beginning to the end. My prediction, 3’s Company 51, Ball Hogs 38.

Allen Iverson Big3 Basketball

3’s Company went 2-0 while Iverson was gone. They are 1-4 when he has coached this season.

Ghost Ballers vs. 3 Headed Monsters

The Ghost Ballers desperately need a win as they are barely hanging on to the last playoff spot. Mike Bibby leads the league in assists, but he needs to have a great day offensively. Ivan Johnson and Ricky Davis will need to step up once again and score consistently. The 3 Headed Monsters have played very well this year in the Big3 despite losing co-captain Jason Williams in game one to a season-ending knee injury. Rashard Lewis is hands down the best player in Big3 Basketball. As the leading scorer in the Big3, Lewis is averaging 21.7 points per game and is also a top rebounder. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf has been a great wingman for Lewis and can go up against anyone in the league. Kwame Brown, doesn’t score a lot, but he’s been great inside the paint between blocks and rebounds. The only hope that the Ghost Ballers have is if the 3 Headed Monsters decides to rest for the playoffs. I don’t think so. My prediction, 3 Headed Monsters 50, Ghost Ballers 42.

Rashard Lewis Big3 Basketball

Lewis could be the first ever Big3 Basketball MVP.

If you’re going to the games, you’ll be in for a treat this week. For the rest of us, we’ll have to tune into FS1 on Monday evening to watch all of the excitement. The first Big3 Basketball game will tip-off at 2pm at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. Press Box Sports will have a full recap of the week Monday evening after the games are over. Follow the Press Box Sports on facebook and send us a pic from the event. Check out all of our Big3 Basketball coverage.

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