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Big 3 Basketball Week 2 Match-ups, Preview, and Stat Leaders

Big 3 Basketball Week 2 Matchups, Preview, and Stat Leaders

Ice Cube’s Big 3 Basketball league kicked of its inaugural season last week in Brooklyn, NY and the league looks to pick up steam going into week 2. Last week’s games went better than expected given that it was the league’s first games ever. Many of the players who performed well in the first week were players that were drafted instead of initially signing with the league. The games were long taking a little over six hours to complete, but that can be expected when four games are being played one after another. That’s the main reason games will be aired the day after the games on FS1. No television network can commit to a sports broadcast taking six hours to complete. A lot of the kinks from week 1 should now be worked out and Big 3 Basketball should be more enjoyable than the first week.

Now Big 3 Basketball is heading into its second week and it should provide for some entertaining match-ups. Players should be getting back into rhythm and the intensity should be greater this coming week. One thing that will certainly help Big 3 Basketball do that is by having Allen Iverson take a more active role on the court. Last week, Iverson played just nine minutes and scored two points. As the main attraction that is drawing fans to Big 3 Basketball, Iverson has to play more and show off some of his skills. Jason Williams was another headliner for the league, but he suffered a knee injury in the first game and looks to be out for the remainder of the season. Corey Maggette also suffered a knee injury last week, but it’s undetermined how severe the injury was and how long he’ll be out.

Big 3 Basketball Week 2 Matchups, Preview, and Stat Leaders

Fans will be looking for Allen Iverson to get more involved in games.







Here’s a look at this week’s match-ups at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC.

Trilogy Vs. 3 Headed Monsters: 

Trilogy will have a tougher opponent this week with the 3 Headed Monsters even with Jason Williams not being able to play. Trilogy co-captain Al Harrington score a game high 25 points last week and will be one to watch again this week. Rashard Lewis and Kwame Brown look to lead the way for the 3 Headed Monsters. Lewis scored 27 points last week while Brown added another 17 points. This game should go down to the wire as the 3 Headed Monsters made 48 percent of their shots to Trilogy’s 46 percent from the field.

Big 3 Basketball week 2 preview, schedule, and stats

Kwame Brown recorded the first double-double in Big 3 Basketball history

Power Vs. Killer 3s:

The Killer 3s look to rebound after suffering the most lopsided defeat so far in Big 3 Basketball. The Power on the other hand, are looking to keep on rolling. It’s still hasn’t been announced whether Corey Maggette will be able to play after suffering a leg injury Tri-State last week, but if he can’t go, that will be a huge loss for the Power as he scored 15 points before the injury. The Power still have DeShawn Stevenson who scored 20 points and was 5-10 on 3 pointers. Stephen Jackson and Reggie Evans were solid for the Killer 3s, but they need some help if they’re going to turn things around. We’ll have to wait and see if Charles Oakley decides to suit up this week.

Big 3 Basketball week 2 preview, schedule, and stats

Charles Oakley didn’t play in the first game, but that might change as his Killer 3’s took a beating last Sunday.

Ball Hogs Vs. Tri-State:

Both of these teams are looking for their first win in the Big 3 Basketball season and Tri-State looks to have the upper hand in this match-up. The Ball Hogs only shot 31 percent from the field last week and team captain Brian Scalabrine scored just 2 points in the game, but he did lead the team with 10 rebounds. Rasual Butler and Derrick Byars combined for 41 points. While Tri-State lost a heart breaker to the Power, they still shot 56 percent from the field. Julius “Dr. J” Erving looks to have his team’s offense dialed in as Jermaine O’Neal, Bonzi Wells, Mike James, and Lee Nailon all scored in double digits.

Big 3 Basketball Week 2 Matchups, Preview, and Stat Leaders

Rasual Butler leads Big 3 Basketball in 3 point shots made.

3’s Company Vs. Ghost Ballers:

Allen Iverson was a let down last week as he only played 9 minutes, scored 2 points, and was 1-6 from the field. Playing double-duty as the coach also looks like it will take away from his playing time. Andre Owens certainly showed no rust as he lead 3’s Company in points, rebounds and assists. The Ghost Ballers only lost by 2 points last week, but were our rebounded by the 3 Headed Monsters 38-18. Ricky Davis looks like he’ll handle the majority of the scoring duties for the Ghost Ballers after scoring 23 points last week. Both teams didn’t shoot well from the field last week as the Ghost Ballers shot 37 percent to just 34 percent for 3’s Company.

Big 3 Basketball Week 2 Matchups, Preview, and Stat Leaders

Andre Owens could be one of the top players in Big 3 Basketball.



 1. Rashard Lewis (3 Headed Monsters)      27

2. Al Harrington (Trilogy)                             25

3. Ricky Davis (Ghost Ballers)                      23

4. Rasual Butler (Ball Hogs)                         22

5. Andre Owens (3’s Company)                    23

5. DeShawn Stevenson (Power)                   20

7. Stephen Jackson (Killer 3’s)                     19

8. Jermaine O’Neal (Tri-State)                    16


1. Andre Owens (3’s Company)                    15

2. Kwame Brown ( 3 Headed Monsters)    13

3. Reggie Evans (Killer 3s)                            12

3. Mike James (Tri-State)                             12

5. Jerome Williams (Power)                         10

5. Brian Scalabrine (Ball Hogs)                    10

7. Rasual Butler (Ball Hogs)                          9

7. Dominic McGuire (Ball Hogs)                  9

7. Rashard Lewis (3 Headed Monsters)      9


 1.  Mike James (Tri-State)                            6

2. Dion Glover (Trilogy)                                5

2.  Andre Owens (3’s Company)                  5

2. Jerome Williams (Power)                         5

2. Xavier Silas (Tri-State)                              5

6. Dominic McGuire (Ball Hogs)                 4

6. Josh Childress (Ball Hogs)                       4

                                            3 Pointers                                        

1. Rasual Butler (Ball Hogs)                          6

2. DeShawn Stevenson (Power)                   5

3. Andre Owens (3’s Company)                    4

4. Mike James (Tri-State)                              3

4. Derrick Byars (Ball Hogs)                         3

4 Pointers

 1. Mike Bibby (Ghost Ballers)                      2

2. Cuttino Mobley (Power)                            1

3. Rashard Lewis (3 Headed Monsters)     1

Big 3 Basketball Games will tip-off today at 2pm and will be aired on FS1 on Monday July 3rd at 8pm. Tickets are on sale and don’t forget, Rashad McCants is buying kids under 13 a ticket with the purchase of an adult ticket. The verdict is still out on Big 3 Basketball, but it has shown some potential after the first week.






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