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Allen Iverson Suspended by Big3 Basketball for No-Show

Allen Iverson suspended by Big 3 Basketball

Big3 Basketball commissioner Roger Mason Jr. announced on Wednesday that Allen Iverson has been suspended for one week by the league. Iverson did not show up to for week six of the Big3 Basketball league at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Apparently, Iverson was in a Chicago area casino from late Saturday night to early Sunday morning. The league was unaware that the 3’s Company coach was not attending the Sunday afternoon games.  Iverson will not be in attendance for this coming Sunday’s game in Lexington, Ky at the Rupp Arena.

The Big3 released a statement from Iverson on twitter regarding his absence in
"First and foremost, I apologize to Ice Cube and my BIG3 family, my fans and everyone disappointed by my absence in Dallas this past weekend," Iverson said, via social media. "I have spoke with Ice Cube directly regarding the details of my absence. I will do my best to make up for this moving forward on the BIG3 tour."

Big3 co-founder Ice Cube spoke with Iverson after his absence and explained why it was imperative to suspend the star attraction of the league for a week. “We talked about holding up the legitimacy of the league and he knows that him not showing up hurts us,” Ice Cube said. “Who’s happy to be suspended? Nobody. But he understands that it’s a necessary step in the development of the BIG3 who don’t believe what we’re doing and what we’re going to do in the future. Our league is bigger than one man, and we’ve got Hall-of-Famers, champions, All-Stars, first-round picks, and we have to think about them. He understands that.” Ice Cube didn’t state any specifics of the Big3 disciplinary policy so it’s undetermined if such a policy was in place before this incident. Ice Cube also added, “We don’t want to be a league of nostalgia and not a league of competitive basketball. Just with the names we have, nostalgia comes with it. But getting these guys to play hard is key.”

It’s a tough for a start-up sports league to suspend a popular player, but this shows that the Big3 won’t tolerate these actions from the players. Jeff Kwatinetz, the other co-founder of Big3 Basketball had this to add about the incident when asked about the suspension. “It does mean that he will not be there. He’s a star, and — of course we want all our players to be there. Things happen in sports, and this isn’t the first sport that had someone suspended or missing a game. What I do know is we saw some of the best basketball of the season last week.”

3’s Company Co-Captain, DerMarr Johnson coached the team to a victory this past weekend. The win kept playoff hopes for Iverson’s team alive as they knocked of Power who went into the game with a 4-1 record. Johnson wasn’t much of a factor in the game, but was quite the motivator on the sidelines. Andre Owens carried the team on his shoulders and nailed a 3-point shot in “extended play” to defeat Power 53-49. It was one of the most exciting games yet in Big3 Basketball. 3’s Company will also play another big game this Sunday against the Killer 3’s. Both teams are just one game back from the last spot for the Big3 Basketball playoffs.

While Iverson let the league, his team, and the fans down for not showing up in Dallas, it isn’t the first time Iverson has disappointed fans this season. About 30 minutes before 3’s Company took the court in Philly, Iverson announced that he would not be playing in the game. Iverson gave a heart-felt speech beforehand and was greeted with cheers from the fans, but those cheers were exchanged with boos and fans leaving the games early when Iverson didn’t play. Iverson has played sparingly in this season and hasn’t been much of a contributor on the court.

The Big3 should be commended for coming to this decision. Suspending a player like Allen Iverson when they’ve done wrong shows the league will punish players no matter how popular they are. It shows that no one is above the rules. It’s decisions like this that will give Big3 Basketball staying power. Iverson will return for the regular season finale on August, 13 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Hopefully, this will be the last issue that we hear about from Iverson.


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