Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

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NFL offseason is critical for teams making a run at Super Bowl LIV

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NFL Football Odds

The NFL offseason can get quite boring for a lot of people. However, it’s a very critical time among all 32 NFL teams. This is the time when teams that struggled last season revamp their rosters in an effort to make a run for the Super Bowl. While some teams reload in free agency, other teams attempt to build up their team via the NFL Draft. Both free agency and the draft are pivotal moments for every team.

Getting the right players in the offseason is crucial for every NFL team. Especially for the ones that are trying to reach the top of the NFL. A good NFL Draft can certainly help teams, and selecting the right players could make an impact right away. The Philadelphia Eagles are a good example of this. Many analysts consider the Eagles having the best draft of any team in the NFL. They added depth and filled key positions where players are aging. This also helps their chances in getting back to the Super Bowl. According to the odds from SBD, the Eagles originally opened at +2000 to win Super Bowl 54 but their odds have improved since free agency and the draft. Their current odds to win are listed as +1400  and they are sitting neck-to-neck with the Chiefs and Saints at this point. These solid additions definitely will increase their chances of playing on February 2, in Miami.

On the downside, lack of signing quality free agents and having a not-so-good draft. Take the Washington Redskins for example. The Redskins had one of the worst drafts this year and it shows in their latest Super Bowl odds. They currently sit at +15,000 and are tied for the weakest odds to win with the Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles. The got their man in Dewayne Haskins, but the rest of the draft went downhill. Especially in the later rounds where teams often try to find the hidden gems that can become an impact.  With owner Dan Snyder controlling the team’s draft strategy, their odds plummetted.

With the NFL Draft and the bulk of free agency completed, the Super Bowl odds are pretty accurate as long as things go as expected. The Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, and the Cleveland Browns (yes, you read that correctly)and Indianapolis Colts, lead the AFC as the top candidates to make the Super Bowl per the odds. For the NFC, the Los Angeles Rams lead the way, followed closely by the New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears, and Philadelphia Eagles. With the exception of a dark horse sneaking into the race, the above eight teams are correctly the favorites to make it to Super Bowl LIV. That’s usually the outcome when teams make the right decisions in the offseason.