Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

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Is Johnny Manziel Making A Comeback In The NFL? It Seems Like It's Possible.

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Johnny Manziel is looking to get back into the game. The same game that he showed the most outright disrespect for. The problem child of the NFL has rehired his agent Erik Burkhardt and is getting some interest from several NFL teams. Manziel made statements about giving football another shot while in court last week. It could just be a ploy to keep the former quarterback out of trouble though. He failed to meet the conditions the court put in place for him to complete within the deadline and he now has to answer for those actions. Those conditions were to take an anger management course,  take part in a domestic violence impact panel, go to a court appointed alcohol and drug rehab facility or participate in the NFL’s substance abuse program. Even if Manziel can find a home with a new team, he’ll most likely still serve a six game suspension for violating the league’s domestic violence policy.

 I certainly have mixed thoughts about this ordeal. On one hand, I can see some teams looking to take a cheap gamble on the quarterback while on the other hand, I wonder why any team would want the headache that he will bring to their organization. And he will be a headache. A huge headache. Once Manziel starts earning a paycheck again, he will think he can do anything he wants just like before. I said when he was drafted by Cleveland that his attitude will be the death of his career and I think his attitude will still hinder him from being successful in the NFL. 

If Manziel were to sign with a team, that deal better have some major stipulations as well as being a cheap deal. The league minimum sounds like a good start. No pedestal for him this time. I would make him start at the bottom, the very bottom and work his way up. He’s too immature and selfish and he needs to be humbled. If he isn’t willing to put in the work to improve, he needs to be dropped like a bad habit. No more coddling the kid. He needs to work his tail off if he is genuine about coming back to the NFL. 

Even if Manziel does get a shot with someone, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be competitive. While he did flash some potential, he also made a lot of mental errors and seemed confused at times when on the field. In 15 games with Cleveland, Manziel threw for 1675 yards, 7 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions. He was 2-6 as a starter with the Browns. Not very impressive numbers for a supposedly future franchise quarterback. Also, His conditioning will be another concern. While he once had tremendous athletic ability, I’m curious if he still has that ability after the partying life that he has led recently.

Regardless of what I think of Manziel, I don’t hate the guy. I really don’t. Not many should hate him outside of Browns fans. I do hate his attitude though. I hate that he wasted his gift. I hate that he caused Cleveland to waste a first round pick on him, but I don’t hate him personally. I also have zero respect for the man because of the above reasons, but that can be earned back. Earned is the key word there. I’m still doubtful of a comeback, but if he works hard, humbles himself, put his ego in check, and can move on without being so selfish, a comeback could just possibly happen.