Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

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Ice Cube’s Big3 Basketball League Could Be Brilliant

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Ice Cube’s Big3 Basketball League looks to be coming together nicely.   The league has already started to form teams, add players, and set the rules in place. The league is set to tip off on June, 24 of this year.

This could be a stroke of genius on Ice Cube’s behalf. It gives fans a third option in sports during the summer. The league will play once a week on Saturdays with all eight teams playing on the same day. All four games will also take place in the same arena, but the venue will change every week. That could be the difference maker in the league surviving. Playing each game in the same venue on the same day will keep lease and rental costs down significantly. Not having teams set in certain cities will surely give the league bargaining power with potential venues. Locations have yet to be determined, but cities like New York, Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles have been mentioned.

The game layout and rules will be pretty simple, yet have some exciting tweaks. The first team to 60 points wins and a team has to win by 4 points. Halftime will take place when a team scores 30 points. In addition to standard 2 and 3 point shots, there will also be an exclusive 4 point shot. The  4 point shot applies when the player is touching any part of the four point circle. There will be no foul outs, but team foul penalties will be in order. And of course, games being 3 on 3 will be a major difference. Those are just a few of the rule changes from the NBA. The purpose of the new rules is to make the game more exciting.

While setting the teams is still a work in progress, the league has already signed some former nba big names. Names like Allen Iverson, Clyde Drexler, Charles Oakley, Gary Payton, Kenyon Martin, Bonzi Wells, Jason Williams, and many more. Even Ice Cube himself will take to the court. The teams will have no owners and all players will participate in revenue sharing. Each team will have a player/coach, but no front office for each team. The idea there is to keep politics outside of the game.

Ice Cube may be on to something with this league. A group of former NBA stars that fans know and love so well will work better than a new start up league full of no names. The entertainment mogul is business savvy and knows how to entertain all sorts of fans. No tv deal has been reached yet, but I look for several networks to be interested. National networks like ABC or CBS could be the better options as they are trying to fill air time in the summer and can reach virtually any viewer with a TV set. If the Big3 League can get things running smoothly, this league could be a success. Only time will tell, but I for one, am already excited to watch the first game.