Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

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Could The Dallas Cowboys Trade Up For Myles Garrett If They Really Wanted To?

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Myles Garrett took social media by storm on Friday evening with a video he made pleading with the Dallas Cowboys to trade up in the upcoming NFL Draft to pick him. He says in the video, “I’m Speaking to you Jerry, Mr.[Jason] Garrett, make it happen. Dak Prescott is leading our team right now. I need you to take Tony Romo, take a couple picks, and give them to Cleveland so you can pick me up, please. I’d love to play in Dallas. Let’s make it happen.”

Garrett’s demeanor throughout the video seemed to be playful, but I’m sure there’s some seriousness behind that smile he was flashing while making his plea. Garrett grew up in Arlington not too far from AT&T Stadium so it’s no wonder why he would want to play for his childhood team. The video was by no means a knock on Cleveland or any other team with a top 5 pick in the draft. Garrett stated before today that it didn’t matter where he ended up playing professional football, but every kid has a dream and his is to play for the Dallas Cowboys. Garrett is on the top of almost everyone’s draft board and unless something drastically changes between now, the combine, and the draft, it looks like he’ll remain at the top.

Garrett declared for the draft back in December, but he has been considered the top pick since November. During his three years at Texas A&M, the defensive end racked up numerous awards which include winning the Bill Willis award in 2015 and being named an All-American in 2016. Garrett recorded 8.5 sacks last year with the Aggies and is considered to be an immediate contributor to any team who takes him.

So the question now is, how possible is it that the Cowboys could make a trade with Cleveland if they wanted Garret? The answer to that question is somewhat an easy one. Very possible. The Cowboys need help on the defensive line and Garret could be that extra kick that the defense needs. He’s fast, aggressive, strong, and can get to the qb quick. Cleveland could definitely use a player like Garrett too, but they need so much more than just one player. Even if he is slated as the best player in the draft. Cleveland is in what many corporations in the business world would call “crisis mode”. Their team is struggling and sometimes drastic changes and decisions need to be made. They need to be bold and think outside the box. Jerry Jones has also been known to make a few very bold moves so this could be something that both teams should talk over. Cleveland virtually has to overhaul their whole roster and the  Browns’ main needs are offensive line and secondary help. Many people are saying they need a quarterback too, but I’m not so sure. At least not in this draft. Most of the top offensive lineman are projected to go either late first round or early second round so that could be another thing for the Browns to consider if they decide to go the trade route. Also keep in mind, Cleveland has the 12th pick overall as well. So the Browns could be in a prime position here. It all depends on what the Cowboys are willing to give up for the first overall pick.

The only thing I disagree with Garret about in his video is, trading Tony Romo. Yes, Romo could be appealing to the Browns with their quarterback woes of previous years, but I feel that no qb would do well in Cleveland unless they can build up their offensive line first. Kessler wasn’t great last season, but he did flash some potential here and there. He just got knocked around too much due to an offensive line unit that failed to produce. They have RG III as well, but I think Kessler would be a more solid choice. Even after getting beat up and going through two concussion protocols, the rookie qb was still able to complete 65 percent of his passes. So if trade talks do take place, I’d rather see what other players the Cowboys have to offer.

The Browns also need a lot of help in the secondary too. Especially at the Safety position, but if the Browns are not planning on drafting Jamal Adams, I don’t see why they wouldn’t entertain a trade. Field some offers and see what they can get for the overall pick. If the Cowboys are willing to trade for the pick, and it can benefit Cleveland greatly, I’d highly consider it.

There’s several routes the Browns can take, but if they can play their cards right, it’s possible that they could land four of their needs in the first two rounds alone. That could be huge for a team that needs as much of an overhaul like the Browns need. Of course, all of this will depend on how bad the cowboys want to trade up to draft Garrett. The world now knows how bad he wants them to.