Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

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Our Story

I started the Press Box Sports in early 2017 as a way to express my views and opinions on various sports topics. Many teams weren’t getting the coverage that I felt they deserved so I wanted to give them that recognition. My biggest passion is NCAA football, so that’s what this site features the most. Feeling that the lower ranks of college football doesn’t get the coverage they deserve, I have devoted the majority of my time covering key games and teams. We also cover MLB, NFL, Big3 Basketball, and XFL.  If you like the site or articles, I ask you to please share them with your friends. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

This is a part time blog/reference website so it’s difficult to find the time to blog about every thing I would love to blog about. Along with my own views and opinions, another goal of mine is to provide a platform for anyone else that likes to blog about sports and express their views and opinions. I hope in the near future to provide a nice alternative for sports news, standings, stats and more. Stats and standings are a work in progress. Hopefully I can make the time to get everything running smoothly in the near future. For more information on contributing, head over to our Write With Us page.


About Me:

I’m not very good at talking about myself, but here it goes! I’m Tommy Lipscomb and I’m from St. Albans, WV. I’m not a writer by trade so I’m still learning as I go. I love sports and I also love talking about sports. I often would write long posts on facebook and decided to publish my views from a larger, more compatible platform. Blogging has become my favorite hobby, but I also enjoy collecting sports cards. Being that this is just a hobby, I don’t blog professionally. Although, I did publish over 200 articles in 2017 alone. I make my living as a warehouse worker and have done so for the last eleven years. Outside of sports, I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife Lori and our 10-year old son. While Lori and myself enjoy watching football and baseball together (match made in heaven), my son is interested more in computers and robotics. Actually, he helps me maintain and improve upon the site! I’m still learning as I go with writing and this site so I hope to make it bigger and better in the future.